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XL MACHINES now offers English to Spanish with one simple button on interface controls

Spanish to English or English back to Spanish, it's simple, just touch the flag button. We can write the custom controls package for your special machine. We also provide complete Spanish documentation.

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Mechanical Engineering Department moves over to SolidWorks®

SolidWorks® software is used worldwide for developing innovative machines of all types and sizes, including those with thousands of parts. With SolidWorks, machine designers have the power and advanced design capabilities to undertake a broad range of projects and easily customize machines to meet specialized requirements..



The New Power of Dedicated Machining

The new Machining Module from XL Machines, Inc. offers a way to bring machining operations to your manufacturing process with minimal change over time and hard tooling cost. Designed with proven world class cnc machining technology, the XL-ADVANTGE can eliminate extensive tooling change over and allow you to create a system that is precisely suited to your requirements without spending countless non-productive setup hours.

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