XL Machines, Inc.

The Shortest Distance between Point A and Point B is thru XL

Dedicated machines have been our focus since 1991. A customized, purpose-built machine from XL can perform an infinite variety of special processes or secondary operations such as boring, drilling, tapping or assembly. But most importantly, it will solve your unique manufacturing problem.

Whenever you find yourself thinking "There's got to be a better way of doing this", call us. We'll figure out that better way and then design and manufacture a one-of-a-kind custom machine to get the job done more efficiently.

Our team is comprised of mechanical and electrical engineers, machinists, welders, assemblers, and controls specialists. We have a full machine shop in-house which helps us maintain complete control over the manufacturing process and assure quality production. We are truly a one-stop shop that can deliver turnkey solutions in quick turnaround time-usually just 8 to 12 weeks from our design to your floor.

Customers tend to view XL as an extension of their engineering department. Our broad capabilities in engineering and manufacturing serve as a valuable resource. We utilize superior components and technology, and apply ingenuity and innovativeness to every project. Our one-of a-kind machines have made us experts in automation.

Initially, we will analyze your challenge, usually as part of a site visit. Then we assess the kind of customized solution that will address the problem. After concepting and designing a dedicated machine, we manufacture it right here. Thorough testing prior to installation, and complete customer training, assure success.

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