XL Machines, Inc.

Our Machines Perform Many Different Functions, but Problem Solving is a Universal Feature

1) XL one-of-a kind custom machine integrated a taping machine and two banders. Products weighing between 200 - 300 lbs. come down conveyor on pallets in multiple-sized boxes. Our machine provides a control point or buffer zone and lifts product, secures box on top, tapes it shut, and straps it on the fly before carton continues off our system to shipping.

Process used to take three to four workers to push product around with fork lift trucks between stations. Throughput has increased dramatically and those workers have been relocated in the plant where they can be more productive.

Custom Drilling


2) XL one-of-a-kind custom machining cell switched over a hand fed line to an automated handling system featuring an indexing table and four stations each with an electric servo linear robot mounted on table. System is designed to handle up to 300 different die cast aluminum parts. Quick change tooling on robots requires just 10 - 15 minutes so numerous changeovers can be programmed daily.

The versatility of XL's solution allows shorter runs, reduces inventory needs, accommodates a broader range of parts, and decreases the footprint by one-third.

3) XL one-of-a-kind machine fit seamlessly into a dedicated line for alternator's rotor and sprocket assembly. Three parts now get put together twice as fast as the old system took to assemble one part. Our involvement integrates the Loading, Hydraulic Pressing & Inspection, Auto Screw Feeding & Fastening, and Stamping (Serial Number/Shipping Code).

This XL solution eliminated a tremendous amount of manual material handling, replaced a major portion of the line in reducing the footprint from 40' x 40' to 10' x 10', and doubled throughput.

Do you have a Rate Per Hour you want to achieve? Give us the number and we'll figure out the rest!

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